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Jeep Safari
A fun and exciting jeep adventure, exploring the Kyrenia Mountain range of North Cyprus. Discover an abandoned tank, deserted monasteries and some of the most spectacular views North Cyprus has to offer. So make sure you bring your camera!! On your journey of the rugged mountains you will explore…


Once we have made the first descent up into mountains our first viewing point is pretty impressive view of the village of Lapta and beyond. On a clear sunny day you can see all the way up the coast and even further. Lapta is a fascinating village, the history dates back thousands of years and was one of the headquarters of the nine kingdoms that Cyprus was once divided into. Originally the City was called “Lambousa” meaning shining light. After hearing more of the history of Lapta you will have a clear idea how the Island and its residents worked together and why Lapta is still a hive of activity.
 Deserted Village

Further up the mountain we reach a deserted Greek village. It was a settlement for farmers and shepherds and is thought to have been abandoned for many years. It is still used for farming today due to the fertile land and the natural spring in the village.

 The Trodos and Mesaroria

Finally, you have made it to the top! Looking south from the top of the Kyrenia Mountain rage you will see the Trodos Mountain Range and the Mesaroria Plane. The scenery at this side of the mountain is very different to that of the north side. The plane can reach between 5-8 degrees hotter in temperature meaning it is almost desert like in appearance. You will also see the size difference of both mountain ranges. The highest point of the Trodos is 1952m at Mount Olympos where as the Selvilitepe peak of the Kryenia Mountain range is 1024m.

 Turkish Tank Memorial

Further along the mountain range is a Turkish tank from the 1974 intervention. The tank has not been moved since it hit a landmine. It is a memorial to the soldier’s bravery and a reminder of the struggle that took place on the Island.

St Catherines Monastery. The monastery is said to be around 500 years old and has been abandoned for around 200 years. Not too far from the village of Kozankoy, there are many stories about why and what the monastery and church have been used for. The buildings are derelict, however, people still come from the south to light candles to keep the church alive.

 Ayios Panteleimon Monastery

Dedicated to Saint Panteleimon, who miraculously healed a blind man with prayer alone. The monastery was founded around 1600 when two monks, (Dorotheos and Dositheos) originally from the Lapta area, returned from Mount Athos in Macedonia to find a suitable place to establish a new a monastery, bringing holy relics, bones of St Panteleimon. Not finding anywhere to their satisfaction, they sat down and prayed to Saint Panteleimon to help them. As they were praying, water started to appear from between some stones alongside them, so they decided this was the spot they were looking for, and built a small church, dedicated to St Panteleimon, and some rooms for themselves. The well built at the spot is still in place.

 Blue House-Mavi Kosk (on rainy days!!)

Perfect for a rainy day. This house was the home of Paulo Pavlides, the lawyer and friend of Archbishop Makarios. A number of myths have grown up round Pavlides. He was known to be involved in the motor trade and was the main agent for General Motors in Cyprus. What is rumoured is that as an EOKA gunrunner and built the house where he did in order to keep an eye out to sea for the arrival of his gun running ships. There are said to be secret underground passages and chambers built to hide smuggled arms at the house.


Korucam or Kormakiti as it is known before partition, many still refer to this name. It is the only Maronite village in North Cyprus. The village remains one of the most important that developed when the fist Maronite settlers came during the 7th C AD. The huge church is the centre piece of the village and dominates the square, nearby is the original 15th C church, also dedicated to St. George with an attached convent that has a small community of nuns, who maintain the churches and care for the resident village priest. On the outskirts of the village there is a tiny church that is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It has recently been fully restored and is always decorated with flowers.

 Horseshoe Bay

We make our way back to Lapta / Kyrenia via the coast road. Experience the craggy coastline and the jagged shoreline. You will also spot vast amounts of wildlife such as snakes, lizards and the vast amount of migratory birds that nest on the cliffs. Not many tourists get a chance to venture this far west of the Island so many beaches and coves are untouched. If it is hot enough we might even stop off for a dip in the sea in one of the forbidden coves.

  1. Pick up and drop off to your hotel
  2. Off-road Jeep Tour
  3. Visits to all the above mentioned
  4. Spectacular views, scenery and wild-life
  5. Lunch in the historical village of Lapta

Pick up from hotel between 8:30 and 9:30. Drop off at 15:30 – 16:30.

If possible we require three day notification if a client would like to book a place on our Jeep Safari adventure.

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