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leNestling below the Troodos mountains, 74 km away from Nicosia, Lefke (Lefka) is a small and friendly town in the north west of Cyprus. Its inhabitants will tell you that its citrus fruits are the tastiest and the juiciest in the whole of the island. This is because of its rich soil, plentiful water and its reservoirs.

Its Turkish character reflects the domination of the area by the Ottoman Empire for more than three hundred years. The town also houses one of North Cyprus's universities, The European University of Lefke.


Soli is located near the town of Lefke. It was one of the ten ancient city kingdoms of Cyprus . Soli Was built in the beginning of the sixth century BC. It is foundation is attributed to Solon. Solon was the Greek and Solon is the founder of the Soli (ancient kingdom of Soli ). Built near the Xero's river for economic reasons, Soli played an important part in the history of the island during the revolt against the Persians but later all the Cypriot cities were reduced by the pensions. It was destroyed by Arab invasions in the 7th century.

LefkeExcavations have shown that settlement was made here as early as the 11th century BC. owing probably to the existence of a good water supply, fertile Soli and a protected harbor, the nearby copper deposits and timber to smelt the copper Soli flourished up till 648 ad when it suffered during the first of the ruined cities of ancient Cyprus the stones were later removed for building elsewhere. Those of Soli were destined for the construction of port said in Egypt in the latter half of 19th century.

Excavation of the old city of Soli began in 1929 under the direction of a team of Swedish archaeologists . A Roman Theatre was discovered with an auditorium of seventeen rows of seats and a large semi circular orchestra. This theatre has now been restored recent excavations by Canadian archaeologists have brought to light the remains of an Agora an Acropolis and a church with a mosaic floor. The rest of the Soli city which stretches over a wide area , has still not been fully uncovered. Excavation is not finished yet.


A few miles further west from the Palace of Vouni, you will come to the village of Yesilirmak. A right turn in the village centre, immediately passing over a bridge will take you to a small beach. This is a popular place, with five restaurants in a space of 100 yards. The beach is known as Asmah Plaj, from the Turkish for vine, and a glance round will tell you why. The place is festooned with grape vines. The most westerly restaurant is the one with the vine. According to Guinness World Records, this is the largest vine in Cyprus, having a diameter of 1.4m. It was planted in 1947. Most of the restaurant owners live away from here, so opening times vary. However, you can usually find that one of them is open enough to provide a beer or a coffee.

Strawberry Fields

Lefke StrawberriesYeşilırmak Village, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is next to Ayios Nikolaos

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