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ankaIstanbul may flirt and flaunt but Ankara, the nation’s capital, jealously guards its founding principles of Republican reserve and authority. In 1923, Atatürk chose Ankara to be the newly born nation’s capital, mainly to emphasise a secular rather than a religious seat of government. But this is no drab metropolis. Ankara has a lively social scene, great restaurants and award-winning shopping malls, with a great deal of history dating back to the Romans to top it all off. The nation’s capital is the place to eat out in style, go to a club, visit art galleries, museums or explore antiques shops.  Today, Ankara is filled with abustling nightlife, consulates, government and state houses, military bases, and universities just like any major metropolitan area.

Conversely, there are so many structures that remind you where Ankara had its place in ancient and past history. Byzantine, Hellenistic, Hittite, Ottoman, Phrygian, and Roman castles as well as other ruins and structures from these civilizations still adorn the surrounding landscape. So you can be sure that Ankara has held a very prominent place in past history.

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