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KaradenizThe Black Sea is one of cruising's best-kept secrets, a perfect antidote if you've had enough of the increasingly overcrowded and overtrodden Mediterranean. It offers every bit as much history and culture, alongside fabulous blond beaches and increasingly sophisticated cities, many of which are rich with stunning baroque buildings. You can look forward to a wide variety of experiences on a Black Sea cruise -- one day soaking up the sun on the honey-sanded beaches of Varna in Bulgaria, the next exploring the cobbled medieval streets of nearby Nessebur. The Black Sea region is defined by its misty and verdant highlands, streams cascading freefall down dark canyons, folklore, and ethnic customs and traditions that make it distinct from the rest of Turkey. This is Turkey’s most reticent region, which often keeps its mystery and secrets to itself, but once discovered, the area draws visitors back time and time again with its stimulating environment.

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