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‘Words fail one in attempting to describe the appearance of this extraordinary locale’
W.J. Hamilton,
English Geologist, July 1837.

kapadokyaSubterranean cities, cave houses, tunnels, fairy chimneys, deep winding valleys and an enchanting landscape – Cappadocia is quite simply one of the most extraordinary places on the planet.
There is really no adequate way to convey the quite inspirational feeling created by the surrealistic landscape of The National Park of Cappadocia – even photographs struggle to do it justice. You simply have to experience the gargantuan landscapes, the enormity of the skies and the sheer awe-inspiring natural beauty first hand. A beauty not flattered by comparison with the great natural wonders of the world!

Many literary travellers before and since Hamilton  have struggled to capture the essence of this astonishing region – Paul Lucas reporting to the French Royal Court as long ago as approximately 1730.

“Here stood countless – heretofore unknown – pyramidal formations... Each of these formations possessed a beautiful door, a charming staircase by which to gain entrance and large windows in all the rooms to secure illumination. Within a single rock mass had been hewn a number of living quarters, each lying one above the other... They numbered not several hundreds, but more than a couple of thousand.”

Whether you're wooed here by the hiking potential, the history or the bragging rights of unique accommodation, it's the landscape panoramas that you'll remember. This region's accordion-ridged valleys, shaded in a palette of dusky orange and cream, are an epiphany of a landscape – the stuff of psychedelic daydreams.

Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Everybody wants fly like a bird every time. That is a big dream of human. Now you can realize your own dream with Cappadocia balloon tour. Don't omit join to balloon tour if you planning to go to Cappadocia. You can see the deep canyons, valleys and fairy chimneys from the air. Cappadocia balloon tour begins every day at sunrise.


For those who like to ride horses, Cappadocia is a great place. Hills and valleys with few trees, the landscape is perfect for riding. Make sure you get a good horse and know what you are doing. This is not for beginners. You are free to trot or gallop as you wish. The guide shows the way but every rider is on their own leading their horse. They have a few different options from which to choose.

4-Wheeler (ATV)/Motorcycle

Just as the landscape is good for horses, the motorcycle & ATV enthusiast will enjoy the dirt trails between Göreme and Çavuşin. Unfortunately, for ATVs guided tours are generally the only option as the authorities fear people will drive onto private property and suffer the wrath of local land owners. The problem with guided tours is that the leader (the guide) is the only person who does not get dust in his face the whole time. Regardless, everyone seems to enjoy the time. Cappadocia is a perfect place for ATV riding with a good balance of hills and flats, great scenery, and dirt roads stretching for miles in every direction.


For those who love simple nature and/or on a small budget, Cappadocia offers endless trails for the hiker. Pick a valley, pack a lunch and some water, and go for the day. You will find endless caves and rock climbing opportunities.


Rent a bike, hit the trails and hills and canyons, find a cave and sleep in it for the night. How does that sound to you? If you are this kind of person, Cappadocia is the place to be. If you do not bring your own bike, you can easily find a place to rent one.

Green/Red/Blue Tour & Sight-seeing

Of course, most people come to Cappadocia for the sights, and you could spend days seeing them. The local tour companies divide the region into different sections and offer day tours. If you do not like the tour option, there is plenty to see in the Göreme – Avanos – Ürgüp triangle that is easily accessible by public transportation. These tours include transportation, a guide and lunch. Expect to be gone from 9am to 5pm.


As you probably know Cappadocia as we know it today is a result of volcanic eruptions and the erosion that followed. In the summer, tours are offered to climb one of the two volcanoes (Hasan Dağ near Aksaray and Erciyes near Kayseri). Join a group for an overnight climb to the top. None of the volcanoes in the area are currently active so you do not need to fear an Iceland adventure.   

Jet Boat & Gondola

If you are interested in having fun on the river, this is the activity for you. Go down to the river in Avanos and sign up. They fit six people and the price is the same whether you are alone or in a group of six.

Cappadocia is quite simply one of the most extraordinary landscapes on planet earth!

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